Remove one cottage window; replace it with Maxlight’s transformational, ultra slim profile window!

Stand back and admire the view! Maxlight can’t promise that you won’t see more than you bargained for; however, we can promise our architectural product range will enhance and transform your life in very unexpected and delightful ways. Maxlight lets you see more of what you love.

This amazing house, featured here, is right in the heart of London and was awaiting Maxlight’s magic touch. Throughout this property magnificent Maxlight has done it again; maximised the light and maximised the homeowner’s enjoyment.

Why not talk to Maxlight today about positively transforming your beautiful home. Thank you to our happy homeowner that was so thrilled with his window that he couldn’t wait to share it. We love it when our customers are delighted by our friendly approach and professional service. Customers give us the most wonderful feedback at the most unexpected of times; when they’re paying their invoice! Maxlight’s Welcome Pack is just one of our all-important little touches. Our Thank You booklet / User’s Guide and additional keys – saving you the hassle of getting more cut – are two more reasons why customers choose Maxlight.

If you want to find about more about Maxlight come and visit our London Show Home soon to see even more breathtaking ideas! Call us today to make your appointment: 020 8896 0700



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