maxlight-exhibition-stands-out-in-2016Maxlight is certainly standing out from the architectural glazing crowd in 2016! Thank you to the high numbers of visitors who came to our stand at Grand Designs Live Birmingham. We hope you loved the Maxlight chocolate bars; we certainly did…. probably a little too much. As it happens our stunning exhibition stands have also grown bigger, each exhibition, throughout the year. These photographs are from 100%design in London. For those of you visiting us at the NEC, you’ll know our stand was even more awesome! Same magnificent products and fantastically friendly people, just more to share with you. This time there were two plasma screens, one huge one featuring Maxlight’s outstanding architectural glazing projects and and smaller one showing our unrivalled London/UK-based manufacturing centre. Our giveaway coffee table book style brochures included our latest projects. Our sleek branded pencil and warm welcome is a must-have.

Maxlight loves exhibitions so much we’ve booked to go to three in 2017. Grand Designs Live in London and Birmingham and 100%design in London. This will hopefully give you more opportunities to meet our friendly and experienced teams. Why not bring your exciting grand design plan, to our stand and we’ll help you to explore your options with architectural glazing. Maxlight’s technical experts are on hand to answer any questions. Or if you prefer, you can visit our London Show Home; you might even receive one of our branded chocolate bars with a delicious coffee! Hope to see you soon…




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