Maxlight’s stand B320 surprised and delighted our visitors! Thank you all for coming to see our magnificent product range…or was it the chocolate bars that were the magnet? Perhaps it was our friendly welcome or an opportunity to sit down and speak to our technical experts about your architectural glazing requirements?

Whatever your reason for visiting Maxlight, we hope that you loved our awe-inspiring 4m high pivot door ‘magnet’ or our must-have crittall-effect sliding doors. Who knew you’d be standing under a giant Maxlight logo ceiling, engaging with our smaller pivot and hinged doors? A BIG thank you to photographer David Butler for taking these magnificent pictures. We all have wonderful memories of a fantastic 9 day show and meeting such enthusiastic visitors and new friends.

We loved seeing many of you relaxing in our oriel bay window, imagining how it would look in your home. We enjoyed discussing your exciting project plans and ensuring that you had all of the right information at the right time. You saw so much at GDL, on our stand, yet there’s more….oh yes, much much more! Come and visit our London Show Home soon to see even more breathtaking ideas! Call us today to make your appointment: 020 8896 0700

Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-01 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-02 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-03 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-04 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-05 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-06 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-07 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-08 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-09 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-10 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-11 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-12 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-13 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-14 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-15 Maxlight-GDL-London-2018-Stand-B320-THANK-YOU-16

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