maxlight-fleet-maximising-visibilityWatch out; Maxlight’s fabulous, newly branded, fleet may be in your area right now! You can’t miss us. Maxlight has now branded every one of their vehicles to maximise visibility. Our drivers are delighted to be driving their beautifully clean, wrapped vans. They regularly hand out Maxlight cards to neighbours and friends that spot us in their street. If you see one of Maxlight’s vans give us a wave or better still stop and say hello. Our drivers and expert installers are flat-out busy; however, they’ll always make time for potential new clients.

You’ll see that Maxlight has featured some of their most popular products on their fleet; their double and triple ultra slim sliding doors. If you haven’t met Maxlight yet, take a look at our website. If you know Maxlight already, you’ll know that our architectural glazing solutions are second-to-none. Our vehicles are regularly seen delivering architectural glazing solutions, across the UK and all around Europe. Our projects range from modest homeowner-led glazing refurbishments to extensive, architect-led glazing masterpieces! Maxlight is the market leader in the UK and designs and manufactures in London. Why not visit our London Show Home today?


maxlight-renault-trafic-high-top-wrapped-side-view maxlight-renault-kangoo-sport-wrapped-rear-view maxlight-renault-trafic-high-top-wrapped maxlight-renault-kangoo-sport-wrapped-front-view maxlight-hiab-branded maxlight-parked-vehicles-wrapped-rear-view maxlight-fleet-branded-and-ready-for-the-road-1 maxlight-fleet-branded-and-ready-for-the-road-2 maxlight-fleet-branded-and-on-the-road-1 maxlight-fleet-branded-and-ready-for-the-road-3

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