The Maxlight Team working late to catch up but taking time out to clap for carers last Thursday evening

15th May 2020


We are now welcoming back more furloughed employees and are working through our backlog of installations at a faster pace, to catch up following the lock-down we have all lived through.


With the latest announcements and guidelines published this week from Government, we have been able to re-structure our teams in a way to keep both them and you safe.


As required under the new advice, we will be posting our Risk Assessments for Manufacturing, Installation and Office, here on this website next week and we may be asking you or your site managers to provide the same back to us, to make sure we are all operating in a safe way and keeping to the necessary guidance to keep everyone safe.


Our installation teams are now growing in number and following the latest guidance, we have a way clear to install any job, regardless of size or weight, which was an issue before.


Manufacturing is returning to almost 100% capacity and our supply chain is secure. We are however going to continue with some office staff working from home but this should not negatively impacting you at all.


Accommodation is now also opening up which make the logistics of jobs further away much simpler. Thank you to those clients that have assisted us with this in the interim, it was much appreciated.


We have also been investing in additional technology to help augment manpower which was the traditional way we fitted large glass panels and to help speed up the recovery of the backlog.


A robust schedule plan has now been built to first catch up with the backlog and then to install the new jobs you have entrusted us with. You will hear from us directly soon with a proposed installation date.


Not all construction sites are yet open and we will of course prioritise the ones that are and schedule any newly opened sites as soon as we are able.


Thank so much for your patience during the last couple of months, we have all been frustrated by delays and mixed messages, fortunately, the way ahead is now clear, welcome to the “new normal”.


With best wishes,


Tony Culmer & the Maxlight team