Studio-304-Architecture-The-Sunken-Bath-ProjectCongratulations to Gary, Claire, Luke and the Studio 304 Architecture team on winning the Don’t Move, Improve 2017 award. Maxlight were represented at the award ceremony, by Tony Culmer and Brad Lester who loved every second! Maxlight is thrilled that Studio 304 Architecture won, especially as our architectural glazing looked so stunning in your award-winning design. A privilege to work with you all again on this second successful project together; the first being your excellent ‘Glass Box Project’.

Studio 304 Architecture are highly creative and thus provide fantastic design and manufacturing opportunities for us. Everything made right here in London. Why not take the time now to visit their website to see just how amazing Gary, Claire and Luke are.

Maxlight was delighted to see that over 10 projects shortlisted by Don’t Move, Improve were Maxlight installations too. So cool. Thank you again Studio 304 for entrusting us with your award-winning projects.

Don’t Move, Improve Award 2017 – The Sunken Bath Project


Glass Box Project (following three images)




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